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Storage Gives: A Charitable Initiative Allowing Self-Storage Operators to Make a Positive Global Impact

By Stacie Maxwell, VP at Universal Storage Group

A self-storage operator and vendor has launched an altruistic initiative to give back to the world at large. Lonnie Bickford, owner of Appletree Storage facilities in Louisiana and founder of, created Storage Gives to support eight charitable organizations. Learn how you can get involved.

Down in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, a self-storage owner is on a mission to make the world a better place. And he’s actually doing it.

Over the past quarter century, Baton Rouge native Lonnie Bickford has owned and operated more than nine storage-related businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s constantly looking for ways to enhance his life, believing there's always room for improvement. In 2016, he came out of retirement to launch, which provides online-auction services to the self-storage industry; but he wanted the business to serve a greater purpose.

As it turns out, there was a mission just waiting to emerge in Lonnie’s life. He met his wife, Jacci, almost a decade ago while they were working in Swaziland, Africa. They had partnered with humanitarian organization Children’s Cup to install water wells, build housing and feed local children. They bonded over their love of helping others, and it became their passionate resolution to make a positive impact...(read more)


Stacie Maxwell is vice president of marketing and training for Universal Storage Group (USG), a self-storage consulting and management firm, where she oversees branding, design, marketing, public relations and more for the company’s 70-plus property portfolio. With more than 20 years of industry experience, she also works closely on USG’s facility-development and transition projects, and is responsible for driving the manager-training program and new-store startup teams. Stacie is a regular speaker at industry events and contributes to publications. To reach her, call 770.285.0421 or visit her profile on LinkedIn.

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