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Get Involved with Storage Gives Today!

How Storage Gives Works

We have three easy ways to get involved. The first is to give directly to Storage Gives through the "Donate Today" button below. All funds are managed by Baton Rouge Area Foundation. 100% of every donation goes directly to one of our vetted charities.

The second is to sign your facility up to donate a portion of each auction to Storage Gives through our partner company

The third is to join us at one of our upcoming events to give onsite and participate in our LIVE and silent auctions.

Get Your Self Storage Facility Involved

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Sell a Unit

Decide What Percentage to Give Takes Care of the Rest

For example, a facility is donating 20% of their auction profits. They sell a unit for $100. Traditionally they would collect $90 for this unit, with the remaining $10 going to In this example, would collect $30 and the facility will collect their remaining $70 in profits. So the facility still only has to worry about collecting their profits, we handle the rest.

This percentage can be chosen at the facility’s discretion.


Just by conducting auctions on the facility is making an impact as every unit sold on our site provides a meal to a child.

Special Events

We are thankful for the many organizations that partner with us in providing food, water, and other benefits to those in need. We have several auctions and events all over the country throughout the year. If you'd like to get involved through volunteering or participating in one of these events, please contact us today.

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