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Opening Doors to a Better World: ‘Storage Gives’ Helps the Self-Storage Industry Support Charitable Causes

By Jennifer Downer, COO XPS Solutions

Many self-storage companies would like to support charitable causes but aren’t sure where to start. Born from within the industry, Storage Gives provides easy ways to back a variety of organizations. Learn more about this initiative and how to participate.

Regardless of how well the self-storage industry is performing in many markets, operators still face their share of ups and downs. Between the pandemic, inflation and concerns over a looming recession, customers are struggling, which can be hard on facility staff and performance. Keeping teams motivated becomes more challenging in uncertain times like these, but one way to bring people together and boost morale is through company giving.

In fact, the simple act of giving can be life-changing, not only for the receiver but the giver, too, says Lonnie Bickford, the founder of Storage Gives, a nonprofit organization that helps self-storage operators support charitable causes. A lot of people use the term “giving back,” but that implies something has been taken away in return. “I like to think of it as just giving,” Bickford says...(read more)


Jennifer Downer is the chief operating officer of XPS Solutions, which offers a suite of technology products and services to the self-storage industry. She’s the parent of two 11-year-old autistic children. For more information, call 877.977.8721.

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