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It Feels Good to Give Back! See How Self-Storage Professionals Are Supporting StorageGives

By Jennifer Downer, originally published by Inside Self Storage

Self-storage industry professionals were generous this year, helping nonprofit StorageGives raise substantial funds for a variety of charities including Autism Speaks and Mission Feeding. Find out more about the organization, this year’s giving tally and how to get involved.

In the wake of a growing emphasis on corporate social responsibility, self-storage professionals across the U.S. are changing the world for the better through a remarkable initiative known as StorageGives. The organization aligns industry operators and vendors with a variety of nonprofits to make a positive impact within their communities. This unique partnership has proven that businesses can thrive while making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Founded on the principle that companies “can do well while doing good,” StorageGives serves as a platform that allows facility operators to donate a portion of their auction proceeds to people in need. In addition, anyone who wishes to can make direct donations. This has helped countless charities and created opportunities for industry participants to contribute to causes that matter to them...(read more)


Jennifer Downer is the chief operating officer of XPS Solutions, which offers a suite of technology products and services to the self-storage industry. She’s the parent of two 11-year-old autistic children. For more information, call 877.977.8721.

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